Toby’s goal is to teach, mentor, and disciple 25 ministers in the fundamentals of the Bible by 2030. Together, Toby and Amy want to encourage and strengthen marriages, families, and kids in 25 churches by 2030. We can’t do it alone! Will you help us?

Why Cultivating Discipleship Ministries?

The Dominican Republic (just south of Florida) is a beautiful country, but unfortunately, many families there are struggling to make ends meet. In fact, 40% of the population makes less than $1.50 a day, and the unemployment rate is a staggering 60%.

Many families struggle to pay for housing and don't have enough food for their families. Some of them feel their only hope is to sell their children into the human trafficking industry, which is a $9.5 billion a year Dominican based industry.

The areas hardest hit are the areas where we serve and strive to meet people’s medical, spiritual, and physical needs. As the current generation of preachers (70 and older) continues to age, there are very few who have been raised up to take their places. Many who are ministers have received their Biblical knowledge through the radio. We provide deep dives into the Bible for our current ministers, future possible ministers, and their congregations.

The Minister and Community Crisis

Toby was called to the Dominican Republic because as the older generation of preachers are in their 70s and above, there are very few who have been raised up to take their places. Many who are ministers have received their Biblical knowledge through the radio.

Toby seeks to teach these ministers and future ministers the Bible in-depth so that they can be faithful to the Word, raising up disciples who seek to follow the Bible in all that they do. Our communities are struggling and need our help with basic necessities. Together with our ministers, we can help our struggling communities!

How to Support Cultivating Discipleship Ministries

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What ministers & supporters are saying...
  • Sigfredo Pichardo
    Minister whom Toby has trained and mentored.
    Toby is a man of tremendous knowledge and wisdom especially in the Bible. He has poured into me, my family, our church, and our community. Our church has had explosive growth thanks to him. He has restored and strengthened marriages. Our community, church, and family love him and are so grateful for his significant investment into our lives.
  • Javier Martinez Belliard
    Ministry Collaborator
    Toby, Amy, and their children are like family to me. I have lived with them 3 days a week for the last five years. They have loved and made me a part of their family. When I was seriously dating the woman who is now my wife, I took her to Toby and Amy for approval. They have loved Arabellis well and been there for her even celebrating our engagement in their home. In fact, they have made such an impact in my life that Amy was the godmother for my wedding. They have shown hospitality to many people who have come for a meal or who have needed a place to stay. Toby and Amy love people well and people feel heard and loved when they are around them.
  • Dave Thurman
    Former missions minister at Mt. Gilead
    I have had the opportunity to partner with Toby and Amy Hill for more than two decades, leading numerous teams to minister with them. Two things have especially impressed me: 1) The foundation for all they do is solid, Biblical teaching, as Toby and Amy unashamedly teach the Word of God; 2) Compassion and love for the local people is a hallmark of their service. Even in discouraging times the Hills have stayed the course as they are committed to making disciples and training them to become disciple makers. It is a joy to consider them not only coworkers in the gospel but also dear friends.